The Philatelic Gourmet

The Journal of the Gastronomy on Stamps Study Unit

​​​​​​​Vol. 6, No. 4 of The Philatelic Gourmet is being mailed to print members on September 29, 2023. For members who have elected to have electronic delivery, a copy should be in your inbox shortly.

In this issue of The Philatelic Gourmet,  we learn about Lavash–The Bread of the Albanians.  Jeff Lough provides us with a look at Guava. Rounding out this issue we learn about the unit’s participation at GASS. Our regular features of study unit news, new issue info and listing updates are also in this issue.

Composite New Issue List from The Philatelic Gourmet

An illustrated composite list containing gastronomy new issues information that has appeared in The Philatelic Gourmet since its inception in January 2018 is now available to members in the MEMBERS AREA above. If you are not yet a member, access a sample page here.

Index to The Philatelic Gourmet

A complete index to The Philatelic Gourmet through the current issue is available to all here.

 The Philatelic Gourmet at the Great American Stamp Show

The Philatelic Gourmet received a Large Silver medal in the Literature competition at the 2022 Great American Stamp Show in Sacramento. The judges provided good feedback on ways to possibly improve our journal.