The Philatelic Gourmet

The Journal of the Gastronomy on Stamps Study Unit

​​​​​​​Volume 4, #4 of ​The Philatelic Gourmet will be mailed out on September 30. For members who have elected to have electronic delivery, a copy should be in your inbox.

The 4th issue of 2021 features an informative and entertaining article on Eggplant  by David Wolfersberger. We take a quick peek at some “Scents of the Season” and find out about the Macau Food Festival.  Our regular installment of study unit news and a checklist/new issue updates are also in this issue. Rounding off the issue Vera Felts provides us a look back at the first World Food Day.

Index to The Philatelic Gourmet

A complete index to The Philatelic Gourmet through Volume 4, Number 4 is now available here.

 The Philatelic Gourmet at the NTSS/StampShow

The Philatelic Gourmet received a Vermeil medal in the Literature competition at the 2019 StampShow/NTSS in Omaha. The judge provided good feedback on ways to possibly improve our journal. I will be happy to share details of the judge’s comments.