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ATA Fall For Topicals

The October ATA Fall For Topicals Zoom presentations were excellent and well attended. I hope you had the chance to participate in some of the meetings. It was especially nice to get caught up with Vera Felts, retired ATA Executive Director who now lives in Sequim, Washington, and remains an active collector. She will also take over as Editor of The Philatelic Gourmet beginning with the January 2021 issue.

About the Gastronomy on Stamps Study Unit

The Gastronomy on Stamps Study Unit was founded in 2018 and is now in its third year of serving topical collectors interested in stamps related to food, gastronomy, food crops, cooking, etc. The Philatelic Gourmet​ October 2020 issue contained an interesting article about Oktoberfest by Lee Strayer; information about the new Euromed Postal “Traditional Gastronomy of the Mediterranean,” by David Kent and David Wolfersberger; and a discussion of new issues by David Kent. The next issue will be published January 1, 2021.

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An ATA registered study unit

The Gastronomy on Stamps Study Unit is now recognized by the American Topical Association as a Study Unit.

Interested in becoming a member?

Please see the Membership Information page for more details, or contact David Wolfersberger (

Helping the study unit

If you are interested joining the Gastronomy on Stamps Study Unit, serving as an officer, or editing ​The Philatelic Gourmet, ​our quarterly journal, please contact David Wolfersberger.